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Organisation: Fumbally Exchange

Address: 5 Dame Lane Dublin 2


Telephone: 086 8098205 



Fumbally Exchange is a non-profit organisation that is helping creative professionals to change their world and the world around them. We provide co-working and enterprise spaces for the pursuit of a four-point mandate – (1) urban regeneration, (2) community consolidation, (3) innovation in enterprise and (4) creative collaboration. We collect and curate the skills of our participants to help heal fractures in our physical and social environments, with the ultimate aim of changing work methods to be more authentic, compassionate and creative - building stronger, more characterful neighbourhoods and places. We challenge, for example, assumptions in outmoded and obstructive education, ambiguity in workplace ethics, slipshod practice, myopic spatial awareness, obsolete tools of social engagement. FEx encourages disruption, collaboration and invention at all levels of endeavour. FEx provides enterprise spaces, grants, mentoring, apprenticeships, awards, information, training opportunities, workshops, social, exhibition, expo, showcasing and simply exuberant "just-because" events – among a rapidly–expanding network of skilled and expert professionals. these professionals provide services in the creative, innovative or design sectors – with integrity – across all industries – around the world.