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Past Achievements: Future Prospects

Each year Local Enterprise Office Dublin City dealt with over 3,500 enquiries from people, like you, involved in starting or developing their own business.

patrick-lynch.jpgWe have been able to assist through new forms of financial assistance, including Export and Commercial Website Grants, and investment by way of Preference Shares. Mentoring is greatly in demand, as is our extensive suite of training courses. We promote our evolving enterprise culture with public talks,
seminars and workshops and through our Second and Third level programmes, and through the Dublin City Enterprise Awards. We participate in, and support, trade fairs at home and abroad.

Networking is now an important business activity. To assist we have established the Dublin City Women in Business Network and, more recently Link!, a general network for both men and women.

So what of the future? The Celtic Tiger period may have left us for the time being. However, we face the future with high levels of educational attainment, a modern industrial base, high investment
in research and development, and an innovation system that connects up the different parts of the economy. But most of all, we have the ambition and the confidence of entrepreneurs, like you, to
build our economy. We are imaginative and creative. We are adaptable, we are innovators, and we are problem solvers.

Irish people have travelled the world and helped to build some of the world�s leading economies. We did that here too as we built the Celtic Tiger. I firmly believe that we can do it again, and that we will emerge with an economyheading back to the path of sustainable growth, built on a solid foundation of indigenous small businesses.

Patrick J. Lynch,

Member of the LEO Dublin City Evaluation and Approvals Committee